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At Harrietts we help you find the right made to measure window blinds for your home. You will find the latest window furnishing trends, a directory of blinds in your local area, and guides to every type of blind imaginable.

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Finding the right type of blind for your window

There are more than 8 different types of made to measure blinds available in the UK. Unlike ready-made blinds, made to measure blinds are crafted to fit your windows individually.

The main 8 types of blinds are…

roman blind

  1. Roller blinds
  2. Vertical blinds
  3. Venetian blinds
  4. Wooden venetian blinds
  5. Roman blinds
  6. Pleated blinds
  7. PerfectFit blinds
  8. Skylight blinds

All of the above types, except for Skylight’s, can be used in a variety of different windows and rooms. Rollers and Verticals for example, can be purchased with a TeflonĀ® coating to make them suitable for the high heat and moisture found in bathrooms.

With thousands of colours and patterns available to purchase across all of the different types, the best chance you have is to look through the gallery and see what catches you eye first. Then you can read the guide for which rooms are suitable. In most cases, blinds can be fitted in any room.

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The latest trend in window blinds

pfit-pleated-yellowGrowing in popularity through 2013, the most trendy blind going into 2014 is the Perfect Fit system.

Perfect Fit’s come in a simple frame system for Roller, Pleated or Venetian blinds. This frame eliminates the need for drilling into your conservatory, window, or anything else and allows an easy clip-in fit to your windows.

At a slightly higher cost than regular Rollers, Pleated and Venetians, they sport a trendier look and fit perfectly against your windows with no cord controls. This makes them perfectly safe for child access without the need of safety devices.

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Buying Blinds Online

There are many online stores that sell made to fit blinds for your windows. These may be sold at a lower rate than offline as it does not involve measuring or fitting for the sellers.

The downside to this is, you have to professionally measure your windows yourself, then follow an instructional sheet of paper to fit them yourself.

If you have prior experience in accurate measuring and fitting, it may be a great option for you. Otherwise, in most cases we recommend choosing a company that will measure and fit for you.

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